BR #127 | Loving You My Way | Arijit Ghosh | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★★

Book - Loving You My Way
Author - Arijit Ghosh
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Arijit Ghosh is an author from Kolkata. His debut novel "Single Yet Committed?? It's Complicated" was published in 2015 and it had gained much appreciation and positive reviews from readers. It was highly ranked in Flipkart (4.4/5). Arijit loves to read novels, watch movies, play cricket and stays with his parents in Kolkata. He is a B.Tech and MBA qualified and is currently working in a Big 4 firm. "Loving You My Way - A Rebound Love Story" is his second novel.

Book Review: "Loving You My Way" by Arijit Ghosh is a rebound love story based on a different experience of life. The book begins with descriptions of Mumbai and two childhood friends, Nitin and Shivam, meeting after a long time. Reminiscing about college days in Kolkata and how the two friends went their own ways, Shivam narrates Nitin about his recent past. It's not a typical love story as the plot setting starts with the wedding of Shivam Awasthy and Aanchal Khanna. Readers are soon driven in a flashback where the author narrates two different love stories - one being Shivam and Payel, and the other being Aanchal and Manav. It is therefore interesting to read how both our protagonists end up meeting each other and marrying if their original love stories had someone else.

This book will appeal to romance lovers who want to get more insight into the fruitfulness of a rebound relationship. In exploring new avenues of helping people forsaken in love, the author asks and answers the fundamental question - Can we fall in love with a different person again with the same intensity? However, some readers might feel the concept of a rebound relationship to be selfish believing it impossible to forget troubled pasts and memories, trying to get into a new relationship or forge a new friendship in a short span just for the sake of overcoming emotions. This is a story of luck and destiny written in lucid language. The climax is suspenseful with a lot of tension as readers are almost tempted to beg for a happy ending. But fate has different plans for everyone and one must read this book to decipher how a rebound relationship affects lives.

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