BR #125 | Under the Mango Tree | Bina Pillai | Bigfoot Publications | ★★★★★

Book - Under the Mango Tree
Author - Bina Pillai
Publisher - Bigfoot Publications
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Bina Pillai, an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram college, New-Delhi was the PA to the
Managing director of a well- known company, Costing and Planning executive,
and former Manager of a reputed Travel company.

The chief coordinator and member of the jury for “Panorama of Poetry.” Presently
Administrator and Member of the jury at the Asian Literary Society, an award-winning
poet and author and crusader for social causes.

She has been the Citizen Journalist in CNN-IBN to create awareness for lack of
schools for Dyslexic children.
A popular librarian for a few years in BPCL Housing society.
Managing Committee member for eight years.

Her poems and short stories have been selected for many Anthologies.
Her poetry book “Lyrical Rhythms of My Heart,” has received a 4-star rating by

Passionate about photography, cooking, painting, event management and

Book Review: "Under the Mango Tree" by Bina Pillai is a romance fiction based on love and the struggles of an unhappy married life. The book sheds light upon the everyday domestic abuse some women have to endure throughout their lives and yet are expected to fulfil all their duties towards their parents, children, and husband. What is ironic is that sometimes she does not even get support from her own mother and therefore has to resort to means for getting love which is considered unethical by the same social standards.

Diya, the protagonist of the story, is a smart and beautiful girl. Despite excelling in her studies, she is forced to marry against her wishes before completing her graduation. Her teenage lover Aditya watches helplessly as her mother resorts to lies in getting her married to Rajagopal. Diya experiences a cultural shock after her marriage as Rajagopal comes from a traditionally strict family. However, she does manage to change a few stigmas. Her married life gets marred since Rajagopal turns out to be an insensitive, selfish, abusive, and authoritative husband. Diya's marital ambitions succumb to nothingness due to the intentional frequent transfers. However, she continues living for her two children Anamika and Vihaan and is unable to divorce her husband due to custodial issues. Diya misses Aditya amidst all her crisis. Will she meet Aditya again?

This book will appeal to romance lovers who enjoy reading a love story full of introspection. The author has highlighted some key issues through this plot like gender equality, domestic abuse, women empowerment, caring for the disabled, and most importantly not to shy away from loving someone. Diya's life is replete with struggles and sacrifices but through her determination and hard work, she is able to succeed in life eventually.

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