BR #128 | The King of the Sea | Nandan Gautam | Notion Press | ★★★★★

Book - The King of the Sea
Author - Nandan Gautam
Publisher - Notion Press
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Nandan Gautam grew up in Bangalore, India. He completed his Liberal Arts degree from McDaniel College, Maryland, USA and worked at newspaper USA Today for a few years. He returned to India to study yoga and meditation for the next twenty years under spiritual master Bharat Thakur.

His journey of self-discovery led him back to his first love – music, where he infuses his raw but ethereal vocals with hypnotic rhythms and harmonies specifically designed to calm, heal and transform the self. 

A Lie and a Truth, an anthology of conversations and life experiences with his master, was his first book. The King of the Sea is his first novel and music album. He lives in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Book Review: "The King of the Sea" by Nandan Gautam is a metaphysical novel and musical odyssey. Metaphysical is a philosophical concept used in literature to describe the things that are beyond the description of physical existence and based on some form of philosophy or system of thought. The book is a collection of insightful poetry and musical journey that motivates readers shaping an extraordinary tale that penetrates the depths of the human subconscious through fragmented narrative. The plot resembles a journey in the sea and the voyages in between. Each chapter is a new phase, confronting new problems, new realizations, and new learning. It feels like you are talking to the book, and the book replies like a wise old sage. It sure is a book worth revisiting from time to time. And every time you’ll encounter something new, like an endless journey in the sea.

This book will appeal to readers who are looking to explore a new genre. For a book that started its journey half a decade ago, it seems a long time and the words have their journey of its own. In the narration, you sense the quality in writing that comes from patience and letting the words come out by themselves. What I liked most about this book is its theme that is divided into three sub-plots or three stories, with three different perspectives and three narrators woven intricately into a book that is surely going to explode your senses with an impeccable use of language. The best thing about writing is the poetic nature of the book. The author is a very good poet and he put in his poetic beauty in the book which increases the charm of the read. That’s why it is also a musical odyssey. I found the short paragraphs in some pages to be sweet and poetic. In between the story, the author shares some wise words which really amazed me. He talks about spirituality in a way that is mysterious, interesting and adventurous.

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