BR #129 | Am I What I Want To Be | Prasanta Bhattacharya | Invincible Publishers | ★★★★

Book - Am I What I Want To Be
Author - Prasanta Bhattacharya
Publisher - Invincible Publishers
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) I believe in simplicity and consider my effort 'successful' when my work touches the lives of other human beings. Born and brought up in West Bengal in India. Graduated as a mining engineer from Bengal Engineering College. My seniors at home wanted me to be a doctor. I ended up being an IT professional and when I see my career today, my work touches millions of patients across the globe.

Founded Narendrapur PathShala Education Society in Kolkata for helping rural kids achieving their dreams. Wish to take this initiative forward as I find more time in coming days.

I live in Hyderabad with my family. Not a regular book reader, but love to write. My first book "Am I What I Want To Be" has been launched in May, 2020. I aspire to connect many students across school/Colleges/universities in coming days.

Book Review: "Am I What I Want To Be" by Prasanta Bhattacharya is a work of fiction that revolves around the character of Aakash. The pages begin with his formative years into career building, ups and downs in life, settling down through hard work, and events unfolding en route the peak. It is reminiscent of his childhood. Some valuable lessons are learnt as we step into the shoes of the protagonist - management through fewer resources and money, family support, humane approach towards work and keeping aside time to embrace the simple pleasures in life. Aakash never fails in bringing a smile to his friends as he realizes the depth of the past and has a caring attitude for equality and inclusion.

Prasanta has embedded a ton of important messages in this book. The plot portrays how childhood shapes the future, how family and friends are big influencers, the role of teachers during teenage, and how great things inspire us. Characters are well developed portraying change as the only constant, staying lifelong student to embrace the new, giving back. The pages sometimes pause to bring clarity with age and experience. Prasanta urges you to think about what you want to do, setting the right pace. A humane touch to resolve conflicts, being part of solution-oriented strategies without pollution, rebuilding society, uprooting the menace called terrorism, empowering women, globalization challenges, etc. are issues that have found mention since the journey of Aakash begun. The future of humanity is indeed in our hands. 

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