BR #130 | Thoughts Become Things | Sushil Hinge | White Falcon Publishing | ★★★★

Book - Thoughts Become Things
Author - Sushil Hinge
Publisher - White Falcon Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Author Bio: (from book) Sushil Hinge was born on 15th of April 1985 in Mumbai. He is very passionate about his work and being into the customer-centric profile. He works as a Supply Chain Professional.

Sushil started from the rock bottom and he is graciously thankful to the Universe. It helped him grow and evolve as a better person in order to make him understand the journey of living a happy life and the purpose.

Sushil hails from a progressive family which is well-rooted and ambitious at the same. Due to the financial crisis in his family and lack of support, Sushil’s childhood was very challenging which continued till the age of 30. He and his family had to struggle even for basic necessities including Sushil’s entire education.

Sushil started working at the age of 15 to support his family and to continue his education which includes 3 years of gap between his graduations. He started working initially into Sales (Door to Door, Shop to Shop, and Corporate to Corporate) for almost 4 years and later on into the collection and receivables of overdue customer bills.

Then Sushil moved to Call centres starting with domestic and international BPO’s, KPO’s, etc. Regardless of all the struggles and many challenges that Sushil endured in his life, he did not give up on his education. Sushil has accomplished numerous certifications and degrees and today he is very well ahead from where he started. He is very grateful in all the aspects of his life.

Sushil resides in Mumbai along with his mother Asha Hinge who is his strongest pillar, his beloved wife Snehal who is very supportive, and his cute little angel daughter Mihikaa. Sushil has two beautiful and lovable sisters name Sujata and Smita. Both are married and residing in Mumbai happily.

Book Review: "Thoughts Become Things" by Sushil Hinge is a self-help book based on transforming your life through a spiritual, scientific and practical approach. The book is divided into eight chapters each of which enlighten a different perspective on awakening. Action is the foundation key to success, taking a risk without fear, being curious in positive anxiety, decision making and perseverance are the key topics being discussed in the pages. The knowledge presented in this book is a lesson that can be carried forever in heart and mind. It enhances your knowledge about life and art during difficult times.

Sushil has written a concise yet information-packed book. It will appeal to people in various age categories looking for a self-help book of a different taste. The energy in the discussions between pages and the examples cited are often realistic. Historical evidence has also been presented on a modern light which dominates many flowcharts and diagrams in the chapters. Many points are simple and can be applied in real life to improve our well being. Sanskrit references are used but have been explained logically. I liked how the author has brilliantly and briefly presented his accumulated experiences and thoughts over the years in a few pages. This self help book is sure to inspire many generations both methodically and comprehensively.

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