BR #131 | Silent Words | Nishant Gang | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★★

Book - Silent Words
Author - Nishant Gang
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Book Review: "Silent Words" by Nishant Gang is a collection of over twenty-five odd poems that cover a range of emotions. It is mainly reflective in nature with poems that may or may not follow rhyme but have a unique syllable input in their free verses. Gang has shared a rollercoaster of emotions in this short book of poetry. I liked a particular poem that talked about ghosts in a railway carriage as it somehow reminded me of a similar work by Ruskin Bond. Other pieces focus on themes such as time, identity, existence and many different abstract situations. The pages are replete with a plethora of similes and metaphors which urge the readers to find messages in between the stanzas. I thoroughly enjoyed this short poetry book as it has great potential to awaken thoughts like a necromancer.

Gang's uniqueness stems from the fact that his work is not organized like most other poets. This disorganization in thoughts and the chaos in his writing makes it worthwhile to share his experiences about life. Being an avid traveller who finds solace amidst the simple things in life, Gang writes out of an urgency to express his feelings rather than compulsion in his thoughts. This phenomenon can be discovered in quite a few of his poems. Another unique aspect of this book is probably the front cover which almost immediately summarizes the entire work. The paper quality is also commendable with a yellowish tinge and clear black print - perfect for a weekend read. I am happy that this treasure trove of poems in a short booklet was delivered immaculately without any damage and am looking forward to reading more such similar works.

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