BR #132 | When The Mystic Meets A Starfish | _Inkling Ink | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★★

Book - When The Mystic Meets A Starfish
Author - _Inkling Ink
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Book Review: "When The Mystic Meets A Starfish" by _Inkling Ink is a collection of over two dozen poems that is reminiscent of nature and human feelings. The poet dives deeper into her understanding of weaving words with short concise pieces of poetry that tend to be more reflective. Such manifestations can be found in the works of the great poet Rumi, who finds a place in the foreword of this collection too. There is a subtle calmness in her writing that is juxtaposed against a larger than life setting. The themes reflect upon the untameable force of nature, ethereal love, arcane life and esoteric inspiration. While the poems itself do not follow any strict rhyming pattern they do carry an artistic syllable match unique to the poet's writing style. I would highly recommend this collection to anyone in search of stirring and enamouring poems.

Madhushree Das a.k.a _Inkling Ink has put in efforts encouraging her readers to look for the light within. Her artistic look upon the energy of the universe finds it's way into the pages. This book, therefore, requires a lot of patience to read in order to decipher the deeper meanings present in the stanzas. Although a short read, the essence behind this collection will linger on sporadically bringing a spark in someone's mundane life. I also appreciate the print quality, editing and formatting that went backstage. Even though poems are short, they are laid out in clear and distinct fonts. The cover design too looks appealing, indicative of the title and an extension of the narration into the front. I am glad to receive such a quality book in such an immaculate condition without the slightest dent in the corner or errors in pages. I hope the poet and her team come up with more such collaborations in future.

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