BR #133 | How To Love A Broken Man | Vancouver Shullai | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★★

Book - How To Love A Broken Man
Author - Vancouver Shullai
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Book Review: "How To Love A Broken Man" by Vancouver Shullai is a collection of forty-nine honest and thoughtful poems. The tone of these poems is loud and clear, concealing an urge for people to take action against the many misplaced puzzles. One might say after reading, "Oh! I thought about this before!", "Ah! I should have written this." But alas our thoughts do not reach the pages in a controlling society. Readers may relate the narrative style as being similar to poems written during India's independence; yet this collection talks of a different kind of revolution, one that is necessary going by today's condition. There is a command, a hidden voice in every poem that urges us not to remain quiet but be vocal. I felt similar connotations while reading the poem 'A Psalm of Life' by H.W. Longfellow for the first time. However, these poems explore the varied shades of life too. It will appeal to audiences who are open-minded and not bound to invisible chains.

Vancouver brands himself as being the wild child of society. His poems speak of ordinary details with minute precision. Details which get lost as being too trivial, yet are details nonetheless. It is no surprise that the book is an award-winning collection of poetry that drives a knife straight through the heart of a superstitious and stubborn society. It seems the winner of the Wingword Poetry Prize, his poems and his will are on a mission to encourage more such rebel hearts who are not bound to chains as artists while penning stanzas. I appreciate the thoughts that went behind this wonderful collection as I have not seen such open-mindedness in a long time. The printing was clear with an interesting cover design. I am happy to receive this book in such perfect condition. The pages speak louder than words, sharper than a knife and bolder than James Bond on a mission!

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