BR #134 | Inqalaab on the Walls | Sutputra Radheye | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★

Book - Inqalaab on the Walls
Author - Sutputra Radheye
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Book Review: "Inqalaab on the Walls" by Sutputra Radheye is a collection of fifty protestant poems full of concern. The poet has tried to bridge the past and present through a series of resistant verses. The lines speak uncertainty about a future towards which humanity must persevere. This is presented with many historical references of events, political figures and incidences. The poet has also provided a blend of his own craftsmanship as the collection progresses, reflecting upon thoughts lost and found. Policy, governance, freedom of speech and the role of media are but a few of the examples the poet has touched, moving significantly away from traditional themes of poetry. It takes great courage penning down contemporary issues of struggle and the poet has excelled in expressing such key issues through his poetry.

Radheye has oftentimes been vocal in his verses not shying away from criticizing social operations. There is a sense of belonging and unbelonging in his poems that oscillates between speeches and letters in his writing style. Some pieces are short while others span a few pages. However, I found a wide range of vocabulary missing in this collection of poems, but it may be justified on grounds that the poet is trying to address some key issues of global concern that perhaps will resonate with the masses. I appreciate the editing and simple cover design of this book which was delivered to me in pristine condition. This collection of poetry has a significant deviation from the other poetry books I have read recently as far as writing style, theme, and topics are concerned. Nonetheless, I must admit that a few poems surely did surprise me in their merit of delving deep into subjects of relevance critiquing contemporary issues.

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