BR #135 | Wingword Poetry Competition 2018: Winning Poems | Delhi Poetry Slam | ★★★★★

Book - Wingword Poetry Competition 2018: Winning Poems
Author - Various Poets
Publisher - Delhi Poetry Slam
Rating - ★★★★

Book Review: "Wingword Poetry Competition 2018: Winning Poems" is a collection of over 200 beautiful poems in Hindi and English penned by numerous young talents from across India. It speaks volumes about the many feelings and observations that the youth in our country experience and chooses to express through words. It is not just about the winning poems but poetry in general that encapsulates such myriad talents. There may be winners and runner ups in a competition but poetry is an art that touches your heart. There are a plethora of beautiful poems in this book and which one may touch you is hard to judge. I can only imagine the difficulty that judges went through while deciding upon the ranks in Wingword Poetry Competition 2018.

Almost all contemporary issues have been covered in this poetry collection. From feelings to observations, this book has myriad emotions spanning generations of thoughts. Bonding with close ones, description of hometowns and native places, love lost and found, relationship with parents and pets, travel and adventures, as well as shaayaree in Hindi, are but a few examples of the many sentiments covered by the poets. I must appreciate the clarity in the print quality of both the English as well as Hindi poems which were clear amidst beautiful pages. The cover design depicting mountains is simple and deep, probably signifying the heights that these young poets have reached through their work. I humbly acknowledge this opportunity to be able to read such an eloquent work especially since this collection was delivered to me in perfect condition.

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