Review Policy

Please read the entire Review Policy carefully!

Some common FAQs are given.

  • What genres of books are accepted?

All genres except Horror and Extreme Violence. Currently unavailable for audiobooks.

  • How much for a book review?

INR ₹250 for Indian authors. USD $10 for authors residing outside of India.

  • How to send a book review request?

DM on social media handles @authordebjeet

  • Who can send a book review request?

Authors, publishers or bloggers.

  • What is the format of the book to be sent?

Paperbacks for Indian authors. Kindle for NRI.

  • What to expect in the book review?

A 250-350 word detailed review of the book without spoilers.

  • When to expect the book review?

Within 45 days of receiving the book.

  • What is the Rating System followed?

Rating ★ , ★ , ★ only.

  • Where will the book review be posted?

Amazon, Goodreads, Instagram, Blog.